Monday, July 16, 2007

Worms Fall from the Sky in Lousiana

They were just trying to escape.

Jennings Police Department employee, Eleanor Beal was just crossing the street to go to work when something dropped from the sky.


The sky wasn't falling. She says it was worms, large tangled clumps of them. Beal says, "When I saw that they were crawling, I said, 'It's worms! Get out of the way!'"
"Run for your lives!!"

She even called her co-worker outside to prove she wasn't making it up.

"See, there are worms on the ground!"
"That's very good Eleanor."

Where they came from is a mystery, but some believe that a water spout spotted less than five miles away at that same time near Lacassine Bayou could have something to do with it.

You think?

Eleanor Beal says she hopes she doesn't see it again.

Chances are slim Eleanor. Very slim.


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