Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Sign of Hope July 15th 2007

North Korea confirms reactor shutdown

From FT.Com:

North Korea confirmed on Sunday it had shut down the reactor at the heart of its atomic weapons programme, taking an big step towards implementing a February agreement aimed at dismantling its nuclear facilities.

Closure of the Yongbyon reactor was critical to progress because the facility produced the plutonium used in last year’s nuclear test. United Nations inspectors arrived in Pyongyang on Saturday and are expected to verify the shutdown this week.

The White House said North Korea appeared to be telling the truth, an assessment shared by China and South Korea. Stephen Hadley, US national security adviser, told Fox News: “It appears that the facility is shut down and we are finally implementing the February 13 agreement. It means they will no longer be able to produce the plutonium for those nuclear weapons made out of plutonium.”


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