Friday, June 22, 2007

Two-year-old 'Matilda' becomes youngest ever girl in Mensa

Give her until the teens when all the alcohol and marijuana have done their damage and if she's still a genius she can be in Mensa.

Her parents knew Georgia Brown was bright. After all, she could count to ten, recognised her colours and was even starting to dabble with French.

But does she still shit her pants? Geniuses don't shit their pants.

But it was only when their bubbly little two-year-old took an IQ test that her towering intellect was confirmed. Georgia has become the youngest female member of Mensa after scoring a genius-rated IQ of 152.

Maybe she can figure out a way to get out of Iraq.

This puts her in the same intellectual league, proportionate to her age, as physicist Stephen Hawking.

I'm sorry but I really have to wonder how much a genius a two-year old can be? She isn't even close to being fully developed mentally. Remember, an infant can swim from the moment it's born but somewhere along the way that ability seems to just fade. I wish her all the best but aren't we jumping the gun here just a little? Mensa needing a little pubilicity or something? Come see me when she's 18 and we'll talk but as for now I'm not buying it.

According to an expert in gifted children, Georgia is the brightest two-year-old she has ever met.

"She even balanced my checkbook."

She was crawling at five months and walking at nine months.

I've been walking for over twenty years and no one calls me a genius.

"She would say, 'Hello I'm Georgia, I'm one'. She was also putting her shoes on and putting them on the right feet."

I, also, have been doing this for many years.

"But she still has temper tantrums, like you wouldn't believe, throwing herself on the floor."

Unfortunately, I do this as well.


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