Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Abbas announces crackdown on militants

Oh that should work. Didn't the militants kick your party out of Gaza?

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestine president, has ordered a crackdown on all militants in the West Bank, provoking those fighters who claim loyalty to him and his party, Fatah, to vow defiance.

Sometimes you just don't have a big enough bomb, know what I mean?

In a decree published on Tuesday, Mr Abbas outlawed the militias and called on the security services to confiscate guns, explosives and other weapons that have been smuggled into the territory in recent years.

Other than looking and sounding good, this should have no effect on anything at all. It's kind of like me calling on Bruce Willis to give me ten million dollars. Actually, I call on Bruce Willis to give me ten million dollars. Lets see which happens first, the complete removal of militias in the West Bank or my ten mil. Tick tock.

"All armed militias, groups and brigades that do not belong in practice to the security services shall be treated as illegal organisations," read Mr Abbas's executive order.

The collective sound of laughter with the West Bank has yet to stop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

same old shit, different day!

July 03, 2007 12:02 PM  

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