Friday, September 22, 2006

German Magnetic Train Derails

See what happened was a south bound magnetic train and north bound magnetic train passed each other and since they were polar opposites they repeled each other.

A high-speed magnetic train derailed on a test track in northwestern Germany Friday, killing one person and injuring up to 25 others, some of them seriously, police said.

Don't know if I'd ride the train on the test track.

The accident is another blow to hopes for the magnetic-levitation technology.

Well lets keep trying, the world is overpopulated anyway.

"The magnetic levitation train is hanging halfway off" the track, Nestler said, adding that passengers were still inside.

You'd think a magnetic train would stick to the metal tracks.

German Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee postponed a trip to China to get a firsthand look at the accident site, spokesman Dirk Inger said.

"Cool...I love magnets."

The technology has been around for years but so far has not caught on as conventional train networks have expanded steadily.

I think I know the cause of the slow acceptance rate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell me again why it's unsafe to fly...for all purposes, this baby was was going about 250 miles an hour when it left the tracks and it's about fifty feet off the ground to begin's a plane flying low to the ground or think of yourself as a passenger in a blue angel plane in an air show.

September 22, 2006 12:33 PM  

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