Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Couple Accused Of Kidnaping Their Own Daughter

They were arrested just in time as they planned to kill their daughter after they failed to pay themselves the hefty ransom they demanded in the ransom letter they mailed themselves.

A couple accused of kidnaping their daughter in hopes of forcing her to have an abortion are now in police custody on a $100,000 bond each.

It still remains to be seen as whether they will be pressing charges on themselves.

A New England couple has been arrested on kidnaping charges. The alleged victim, their pregnant daughter, who investigators say they were taking to New York for an abortion.

My parents use to tell me I was going to the store but it was really the dentist. I guess it was kind of like that.

According to local police, Nicholas and Lola Kampf of Maine are a little more than upset with their 19-year-old daughter who became pregnant by a man who is now in jail.

As a parent, you job is to guide your children, not kidnap and force into abortions. See, desperation makes you do very odd things. This though, this is more than desperation. This is desperation, dissapointment, probably a dap of religious influence and a dash of bat-shit crazy.
When the kid is born, he's probably not going to have a great relationship with grandma and grandpa.

They told the young woman she had to have an abortion. The two parents allegedly bound their own daughter and put her in the back of the car and proceeded to take her to New York where they would force her to have an abortion.

Are doctors in New York used to giving abortions to bound and tied women cause if they are someone should perhaps look into that.


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