Wednesday, September 06, 2006

General Denies Allowing Bin Laden to Live in Pakistan

And I don't allow my neighbor to steal my fucking newspaper every morning but yet still, every morning, bastard takes my newspaper. You're allowing it by not stopping it.

Pakistan's top army spokesman on Wednesday vehemently denied saying in a news report that Usama bin Laden would not be taken into custody if he agreed to live peacefully in Pakistan.

Pakistan is that friend that sleeps with your girlfriend while you're away on a business trip, then calls for your beheading when you get back. I can't claim to know much about politics and I'm not one of those "knowledgable bloggers" that is expressing my political views through a free blog site so that people might like me but I know enough to know that we shouldn't be trusting Pakistan. They hand over the small fish and keep the big ones away from us.

"This is absolutely fabricated, absurd. I never said this," Maj. Gen. Shaukat Sultan told The Associated Press, referring to an ABC News broadcast aired hours earlier.

Yeah, welcome to Western media.

Asked for a response, Jeffrey Schneider, senior vice president of ABC News, told the AP by phone, "We simply played his comments as we recorded them."

I think we all know Pakistan can't afford to hand over bin Laden. It would cause such unrest in that area that the peaceful nature of the land would erupt into an unheard of violent situation. The Pakistani people would start bombing government buildings and attempt to assassinate officials and maybe, even, kill the President of that peaceful nation. Then they might allow the Taliban to seek shelter on their borders and launch raids into Afghanistan against NATO and Coalition troops, all the while hiding the remaining al-qaeda leadership somewhere deep in the mountainous border region. I know this all sounds far fetched but it could happen.

"I reject this comment," Sultan said Wednesday.

Oh, okay. That's the end of that then. Thanks for clearing it up. Shmuck.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush is unbelievable...he's telling us that people who don't take Usama bin Laden serious when he communicates with us will be in trouble but wasn't Bush the that did nothing when given the memo" Usama bin Laden will attack in the United States memo just before 9-11.
it's unbelievable what bullshit comes out for election time.
shame on him for saying anything to get elected...even scaring the people of the U.S.A.

September 06, 2006 2:29 PM  

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