Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Japan Agrees to Lift Ban on US Beef

You'll enjoy our meat. It's one of the many reasons we die early.

Japan agreed Wednesday to lift its ban on U.S. beef imports, pending planned inspections of U.S. meat processing plants, the agriculture ministry said. The Asian nation imposed the ban over concerns about mad cow disease.

Yeah, this idea will hit a wall at full speed as soon as they meet Joe, the lazy meat inspector who drinks on the job and has been disgruntled since he dropped out of high-school to persue a career involving something with a drill.

The breakthrough resolves a thorny, long-running trade dispute between the allies, and gives U.S. ranchers access to what was once their most lucrative export market.

Hey, we eat your raw fish, you should eat our deadly cow. Fair is fair guys.

"Japan agreed to resume U.S. beef imports on the condition that we find no further problems during onsite inspections," said agriculture ministry official Hiroaki Ogura.

Like I said, this should be ending soon with a monstrous amount of problems found. Just go to MacDonalds and you'll see how serious we Americans take our burgers.


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