Monday, May 01, 2006

Susan Sarandon: I had death threats for opposing war

Are you sure they weren't for the movies you've made lately cause they've been sub-par at best?

Film actress Susan Sarandon has revealed how she felt isolated and frightened by death threats and verbal attacks after she criticised US policy in Iraq.

I feel so very bad for you, all isolated and frightened inside your multi-million dollar estate with your own security force surrounding the compound, only your piles and piles of money to keep you company. It must have been horrible. Meanwhile, I get death threats and I have to sit up all night with a gun. Really, tell me more about YOUR fucking problems.

The Thelma & Louise actress, a long-time political activist, said that she was branded a "Bin Laden lover" for questioning the US invasion of Iraq.

You know, a woman once accused me of being Bin Laden;s best friend because she thought I cut her in line at Suncoast. True story. Me and Mrs. Sarandon have a lot in common, except of course, the money.

Ms Sarandon, 59, said that she believed there should have been more debate before the war, but anyone who questioned US policy was labelled "un-American".

Seriously, Susan Sarandon is the devil. Anyone who is that old and still incredibly fuckable is the devil. Don't trust her.


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