Friday, April 28, 2006

'Many drown' in Tanzania sinking

Holy shit Tanzania sank?

At least 27 people are feared to have drowned in Tanzania, when their boat capsized in a storm on Lake Victoria.

Ahh, a boat sank. That makes a little more sense. I'm curious though, how come there is a "Lake Victoria" in Tanzania? Sounds out of place. The British had something to do with this I just know it.

The ferry had set off last weekend from the town of Bukoba on the lake's western shore, heavily loaded with crates of beer and soft drinks.

I bet Lake Victoria tastes pretty bubbly right now.

Then the ferry just disappeared. Local police chief Ignas Mbinga said the news had only just been made public because the region was so remote. He said divers were searching the area, but they had yet to recover any bodies.

It's like a Lake Victoria triangle, like the Bermuda triangle, only smaller...and in Tanzania. Honestly, the boat probably sank. Someone got into that beer in storage.


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