Saturday, April 22, 2006

Nepalese Police Keep Protesters from Royal Palace with Tear Gas

What better way to lead a nation then to blind its people?

Nepali police fired tear-gas Saturday to stop pro-democracy demonstrators from pushing through a security cordon near the royal palace.

Has history taught us all nothing? You have to give the people what they want. You can only oppress people for two-three centuries tops and after that, they get upset. Then, after another century or so, they get angry. Then, after four or five decades of anger they do something about it. The clocks ticking Nepal.

The protesters, marching for the 17th straight day, defied a curfew and shoot-on-sight orders issued to police.

Honestly, the shoot-on-sight policy would make me put my sign down and go home. The curfew doesn't bother me.

This was the first time they reached the center of the capital.

I'm guessing soon to be the last as well.

As they marched, leaders of an alliance of political parties formally rejected an offer by King Gyanendra to allow the formation of an interim government. Opposition politician Minendra Rijal says this was done partly to prevent violence.

Can't have that now, prevention of violence. What would Earth be without massive acts of violence. Why, that would be paradise and we can't have that happening.


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