Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Arabs say racism on rise as Israel turns 60

Really? Is racism really the "Big Issue" over there in the middle east?

Salwa Abu Jaber believes her story shows Israel discriminating against its Arab citizens, 60 years after the state was established as a haven for Jews.

So at what point does racism turn into common sense? I may catch some flack for this but lets look at it objectively. Let's say, everyday, you come home from work a gang of French guys walks ove. punches you in the face and takes your wallet. (Fucking French always getting me in the parking lot). Now, don't you think you'd be a little wary of the French after a while, say, 60 years?
Racism is when you judge people by the color of their skin, and yes, dragging a black kid by a chain tied to the bumper of a pickup truck because he's black is racism and its digusting. But I think we're more talking about judging people by their culture. When the MAJORITY of a culture or race engage in activities that further negative judgement from other cultures or races, is it racism? Is it racist of me to wonder if the Arab guy at the back of the plane has a bomb, is it racist of me to think the black guy with pants down to his knees and a white t-shirt on that could easily pass as a skirt might be selling drugs? Is it the color of his skin I'm judging him by, or his culture? As an Italian who happens to share my last name with a prominent mafia family in New York, I can relate on a lower level. I can't tell you how many people follow initial greetings with "wow, do you know anyone in the mob?"
Is it because I'm Italian, because of my last name, because of the Godfather movies or The Sopranos? Yes, sort of, but more because the Italian mafia has existed in America since the early nineteen hundreds. It's part of my culture, an unfortunate one, but still a part. And saying a few bad apples fucks it up for the rest of us isn't fair when its many, many bad apples.
In our PC culture, it's absolutely taboo to say black people commit the most crime, most terrorists are of Arab decent, or at least Muslim background, or saying Mexicans can't speak English but then you look at the world around you and you think, by God, it's true, I can't say it, but we all know it.
It's not racism when your culture projects a constant negative image. It's racism when someone thinks you're a drug dealer JUST cause you're black. But if you're dressed like a fucking drug dealer, speak in sentences beginning with "Yo dawg" or "muthafucka what!" and end them in "yaknowhatimsayin'" or "word up!" then don't start screaming racism when people assume you're uneducated and a criminal.
Be aware of the image you're emitting. And yes, it's very unfortunate that because the majority of your culture acts a certain way, thinks a certain way, you get lumped into it as well. Not all Arabs are terrorists, not all black people are criminals and not all Mexicans can't speak English. But the actions of the culture you belong to reflect in you. It sucks, but its reality. Maybe one day some of the cultures in this world will finally decide to take responsibility for their self-inflicted negative image and work at bettering themselves in the eyes of others and the eyes of their children who will mimic them to a T. Until then, you'll have stereotypical racism. Go ahead and cry about it for a few minutes and then learn to fucking deal with it. Life ain't pretty. We just like to pretend it is.

The 32-year-old mother of four from northern Israel said her five-year-old daughter has never seen her father, who lives in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Separated from the man for five years, she says she has been forced to divorce him.

So why's he live in the West Bank and you don't?

Thousands of families have been similarly split by a 2003 ban on Palestinians in the West Bank from reuniting with their families inside Israel, imposed citing security reasons after the Palestinian uprising or intifada began in 2000.

Why didn't daddy move to Israel with mommy and daughter in 2000? Why stay behind?

"In practical terms, Israel forced the divorce on us," Abu Jaber said. "We could not continue to live like this any longer. If this is not racism, then what is it?"


After 1948, about 120,000 stayed and were granted Israeli citizenship. Now about one in five Israelis is Arab, and many prefer to be called Palestinians like their kin outside Israel.

Link yourself with a violent culture and you'll be treated the same.

"Arab citizens ... are related to more as enemies than as citizens with equal rights," the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) said in its annual report.

Prehaps it has something to do with the suicide bombings and the checkpoint stabbings and the rockets fired into Israel from the West Bank and etc.etc.etc.


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