Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Teen Wanted to Kill Jesus in Heaven

So maybe we nailed him on a cross here on earth but I'd imagine Jesus would be a bit tougher of an opponent on his home turf.

A teen accused of plotting to blow up his high school told police that he wanted to die, go to heaven and kill Jesus, federal authorities said Tuesday."

Isn't it great that good ol' fashion complete insanity never seems to go out of style?

According to the article, the teen -- 18-year-old Ryan Schallenberger -- was a straight-A student. He was arrested earlier this month. Prosecutors say he may need a psychological evaluation.

Yeah maybe. Or why not just shoot him in the head and let him get his shot at the champ?

If he's convicted of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, he won't die. According to the article, he'll face a life sentence.

So I guess the Jesus Vs. Ryan Schallenberger titlebout will have to wait.


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