Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bahrainian Doctors Successfully Remove Nail From Man's Penis

No, no, you're supposed to hold the nail steady with your HAND before hitting it with the hammer.

Doctors successfully removed a 2-inch nail from an Indian man’s genitals after he admitted himself to a hospital due to abdominal pain and the inability to speak, the Bahrain Gulf Daily News reported Wednesday.

Yup, a nail in the penis will leave you speechless.

An X-ray of the man, who was not identified, showed the nail lodged in his urethra. The victim claimed that the nail had been inserted by a gang of thieves who attacked and robbed him three days earlier, the paper reported.

"For the love of God just take the wallet!"
And I would question why it took him three fucking days to get looked at after some guys shoved a nail in his penis but I guess if that happened to me I'd be slow moving too.

To make matters worse...

Doubt it can get worse.

Dr. Ashwani Narang told the paper that the victim, who was an illegal worker, could face deportation.

Nope, not worse than a nail in the penis.


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