Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prince Harry dumped by Chelsy Davy

"I'm sorry Harry, I just don't see what you have to offer me."

Prince Harry's been dumped. The young royal's girlfriend of three years, Chelsy Davy, broke up with him during a series of recent phone calls, according to British press reports.

What hurts more than losing you first love? Having to read about it in the papers.

The Zimbabwean blond was reportedly fed up with Harry's playboy lifestyle, and was miffed he had opted to skip her 22nd birthday party last month for a rugby match in Paris.

Oh you never miss the birthday Harry, you just don't miss the birthday. Rookie mistake lad.

The Mail on Sunday newspaper reported that Davy told friends it was a trial separation.

Sometimes you marry for love, sometimes for other reasons. Chelsy, this is one of those other reasons. You're an idiot.

"She kept saying she needed to take some time out to reestablish herself. She still loves him, but she feels she needs to carve an identity as her own person rather than as Prince Harry's girlfriend," the paper quoted a friend as saying.

Unless you cure AIDS and cancer, bring peace to the Middle East and somehow stop Bush from pretty much pissing off every living being on the planet, you're always going to be Prince Harry's girlfriend. And, if you don't wise up in the next few days, you'll always be the moron who could have been a Princess but decided to dump a Prince cause he missed the B-Day party and she couldn't let it go.

The party-loving 23-year-old prince isn't sulking. He was spotted Friday night at a London bar, Amika, where he ran up a $5,000 bar bill, including an $800 magnum of Champagne, according to press reports.

Actually, that sounds like sulking. If I had the money I would have ran up the same bill when I got dumped. Don't know if I'd go with the Champagne though. Maybe it's too late there Chelsy. Champagne's for celebrating. Wonder what he's celebrating Chelsy? What could he possibly be celebrating? Were you a bitch Chelsy?

The breakup is the latest bit of bad news for the prince. He was recently told for the second time he would not be posted to the front lines in Afghanistan. Harry, an officer with the Blues and Royals regiment, had hoped to be sent there last month, but military officials vetoed the plan, according to The Mail on Sunday.

So, he doesn't have to go to war, he's free to sleep with other women without hiding it and he's got all the money in the fucking world and not one REAL responsibility. Of yea, bit of a bad luck streak if I've ever heard one.

Harry had previously been barred last May from joining his regiment in Iraq because of threats to his life.

Can't have Harry fighting in a war that may put his life in danger. He'll just have to wait until a pillow-fight war breaks out. Watch the Greeks, they're a little fruity.


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