Thursday, November 08, 2007

Global scare after ecstasy-like chemical found in toy

"Boy, little Bobby sure does love that new toy. He's...humping it."

A scare over a popular toy made in China that was found to contain a chemical similar to the recreational drug liquid ecstasy has spread around the world, with millions of the toys being recalled in Australia and North America.

So this how China plans on taking over the world. By supplying the worlds children with Fisher Price's My First Hallucingenic Experience.

The alert began in Australia and New Zealand where six children fell ill, some of them entering a deep coma, after swallowing small beads that make up the toy, known in that region as Bindeez.

Hold on, I'm going to go check my daughters room before I have to invest in a years supply of glow sticks.

Today, the panic spread to the US and Canada, where the toy, sold there under the brand name Aqua Dots, was removed from thousands of stores after it emerged that two children had been affected by the chemical.

No ectasy for you until your fifteen.

The North American representative of the toy, Spinmaster, said it had pulled it off the shelves "out of an abundance of caution".

Sure it has nothing to do with the fact your toys are creating a few preteen-club-hoppers?


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