Tuesday, October 30, 2007

US Navy Rescues Crew of North Korean Ship off Africa

See how nice the US is? And we don't even like you fuckers.

The U.S. Navy rescued the crew of a North Korean cargo ship off the coast of Somalia Tuesday, after it was attacked by unidentified men who took control of part of the vessel. VOA's Al Pessin reports from the Pentagon.

Well shiver me timbers ya land lubbers and a vast ye maties, arghhhhh, and...umm...rum and dead man chests and treasure and Davey Jones, Blackbeard, Johnny Depp and Captain Hook and...well...I'm out of pirate references...for now.

The U.S. Navy says when it was informed of the pirate attack, it immediately dispatched a helicopter from a ship about 90 kilometers away. The Navy says the pirates had taken control of the ship's command center, but the crew remained in control of the engine room and steering controls.

Not much good a command center is going to do when the steering controls are in the hands of people who aren't going to listen to you.

As the U.S. Navy destroyer James E. Williams approached the North Korean ship in the Indian Ocean northeast of Mogadishu, it contacted the pirates and ordered them to surrender. At about the same time, the Navy says, the cargo ship's crew attacked and overpowered the pirates.

And the North Korean crew will probably say that they were going to attack anyway and hearing the sound of a US destroyer ordering for the pirates to surrender had nothing to do with their moment of bravery.

In response to a request by the crew, the U.S. Navy ship dispatched a boarding party and a medical team to care for several people injured during the incident.

All in all, three people received hooks for hands, nine peg-legs and four eye patches. The Somalian pirates were forced to walk the plank. Arghhhh.


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what the hell are we doing?

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