Saturday, September 30, 2006

No survivors in Brazilian plane crash

This is why I don't like flying. Sure they say it's a safer way to travel and you're more likely to have a car accident but, well, you can have a little fender-bender in a car. A fender-bender on a plane shoves every single one of the hundred plus passengers into one piece of carry-on baggage.

ALL 155 people on board a passenger plane that nose-dived into the Amazon jungle on a route popular with backpackers and tourists were feared dead last night.

Well, at least they put it nicely.
"All 155 passengers were believed dead when their plane hit the Amazon jungle like a fucking dart."

The plane crashed after an apparent near-miss with an executive jet above the Brazilian rainforest as it flew from the river city of Manaus to Brasilia, the capital.

Wasn't a near-miss, it was a near-hit. If it was a near-miss it would have smashed head-on into that jet.

It had been due to travel on to Rio de Janeiro.

It will be slightly delayed.


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