Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Man Run Over By 3 Cars - No One Helps Him

So this is what we've come to huh? To busy to avoid running over another human being or even to stop and help him. We should all hang our heads in shame for our species.

Police are searching for drivers of three vehicles who ran over a pedestrian early today and did not stop to help.

When found, run them over a few times will ya.

The unidentified man died in the incident. Investigators said the victim was first hit by the driver of a silver Dodge Durango on Orange Blossom Trail near Silver Star Road at around midnight."The impact left the victim's body in pieces," Local 6's Jacquie Sosa reported.While the man's body was in the street, two more cars ran over the man and no one stopped to help.

Well, not much you can do at the point of being in pieces. But that doesn't mean you run him over again. We've now apparently added ourselves to the acceptable roadkill list. Cross at your own risk.


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