Friday, July 07, 2006

Terror plot to blow up Holland Tunnel foiled

Getting through the Holland Tunnel is terror enough without you blowing it up.

A plot to blow up explosives inside the Holland Tunnel and trigger a flood in Lower Manhattan's Financial District has been unearthed by the FBI.

Isn't the Financial District above the water-level? Wouldn't that make it difficult to flood? Plus, I know the subway and utility lines are below the water level but I'm pretty sure they are not connected to the Tunnel. I could be wrong but this plot has some large, large holes. But hey, no one said you had to go to school to be a terrorist. Al-Qaeda's like Burger King, you don't need an educational background and you're more than likely to burn yourself.

They used the Internet to discuss their goal -- maiming the U.S. economy -- counterterrorism officials said.

Fucking internet. Kill the internet!

The conspiracy to blow a hole in the tunnel wall, sending a devastating flood into city streets, is being taken seriously because those involved may have received technical expertise and funding from contacts of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Jordan, a counterterrorism source told the Daily News.

That makes no sense whatsoever. Just because these morons had known people who may have been linked to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi doesn't make them terrorist masterminds or any more serious than some teenage convert who wants to show his parents how sorry they'd be about ignoring him by traveling to the middle east and causing "infidels" the inconvenience of having to clean the humvees windows by prematurely blowing himself up in front of a army convoy.
I know a guy who knows Bill Gates. Ask me to fix your computer and chances are I'll blow the computer room off the side of your home.

Officials believe the plotters would have filled vehicles with large amounts of explosives -- in effect, creating mobile bombs -- to blow up the tunnel.

Yea yea yea. Mobile bombs, big boom, more terror. Isn't there elections coming up?


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