Thursday, July 06, 2006

Subway Rider Sliced in Power Saw Attack

Leave it to New Yorkers to find new and interesting ways to go completely ape-shit.

A man grabbed two cordless power saws off a subway station workbench and went on a rampage Thursday, swinging the saws at riders and slicing open a man's chest before running away, police said.

And I get all pissy about my commute to work. At least no one attacks me with power tools...most the time.

The 64-year-old victim, whose name was not released, was hospitalized in critical but stable condition. Police were searching for the suspect, described by witnesses as a thin man in his 30s, who had earrings in both ears and was possibly carrying a teddy bear.

Oh great, they can't find him. Try Home Depot or Sears.

Wielding a saw in each hand, the man took a swipe at one rider on a platform and missed, police said. Moments later, he cut into the man's chest at a turnstile before bolting out of the station, still carrying the power tools, which were later found in a trash can.

Another day in the Big Apple and another man hunt. Same ol' same ol'.


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