Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stalker Hides Under Woman's Bed for Two Days

There IS a monster under your bed. Wow.

A stalker hid under a woman's bed for two days -- just for the chance to be alone with her.

So in two days the woman wasn't alone in bed. Tramp.

The disturbing video shows the convicted stalker carefully hiding his video camera on a desk in the victim's bedroom. When he hears the woman and her boyfriend come in the apartment, he disappears under her bed. Carlo Castellanos-Feria remained there for two days until he was discovered by the victim's boyfriend.

Now that's patience. I can't hide under a bed for more than twenty minutes. I've tried. My girlfriend is prone to violent rage.

"In a lot of ways, [it's the] stuff of an urban nightmare," said Ken Wainstein, U.S. Attorney.

In a lot of ways? So, what why is it not the stuff of an urban nightmare? It's the nightmare of every child in the world that something is hiding under the bed. Is it possible we've arrested the boogeyman?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you've just got to love this story...I think after all this the woman moved away...Boy, her boyfriend must have been really good, to keep her occupied for 2 days...there must have been a lot of screeming, not to hear anything under your bed.

June 26, 2006 1:18 PM  

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