Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Illness forces Castro to quit after half a century in power

Nothing lasts forever, except bad marriages, they go on for-fucking-ever.

Fidel Castro, leader of Cuba for almost half a century, stepped down as president yesterday in a move that raised the prospect of the opening-up one of the world's last communist states.

I'm interested in how this will play out in Cuba. Ok, you caught me, I couldn't care less.

Castro, 81, who has been in worsening health since July 2006, released a letter in the dead of night on the website of the official communist party newspaper Granma that announced his intention to end his long domination. Cubans awoke yesterday to find that the era that began near the start of the cold war was over.

Granma? I have a granma. I love her.

The announcement comes just days before Cuba's national assembly is due to meet to select a head of state and is expected to pave the way for Castro's brother Raúl to officially become the new leader. Raúl Castro, 76, has been the effective leader of Cuba since an acute infection in his brother's colon forced him to temporarily cede power. Raúl is the world's longest serving defence minister and is believed to have a firm grip on the armed forces and security apparatus.

Oh come on, at 76 years old, how firm a grip could he actually have?


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