Monday, January 07, 2008

Pentagon Says Ships Harassed by Iran

They keep calling and hanging up.

An Iranian fleet of high-speed boats charged at and threatened to blow up a three-ship U.S. Navy convoy passing near Iranian waters, then vanished as the American ship commanders were preparing to open fire, the top U.S. Navy commander in the area said Monday.

Bullies are known to do the same grade school.

No shots were fired an an Iranian official in Tehran said the incident amounted to "something normal."

"Oh we always threaten to blow things up. We're Muslims."

Bush administration officials complained that the Iranian actions amounted to a dangerous provocation, but one private analyst said the Iranians may have believed they were acting defensively in a narrow waterway that is heavily trafficked by commercial ships, including oil vessels.

I'm counting the days till this tit for tat turns into something major. Honestly, I thought this would have happened already. If we weren't in Iraq and Afghanistan, it probably would have. Of course, I'd rather we were in Iraq and Afghanistan than starting something new. And if we were going to start something new, may I suggest Pakistan's tribal region. That place is just ripe for a new carpet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"something normal." interesting quote.

and I would guess, blowing the Iranian gunships out of the water,
would be "something normal."

stupid bastards

January 09, 2008 7:17 AM  

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