Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Britain has new weapon against loitering youths -- Sonic Teenager Deterrent

That's it...that's the second sign of the apocalypse everybody. Only five more to go.

Shopkeepers in central England have been trying out a new device that emits an uncomfortable high-pitched noise designed to disperse young loiterers outside their stores without bothering adults.

It's called a police siren.

Police carrying out the pilot project in Staffordshire say some of those who have tested the "Sonic Teenager Deterrent," nicknamed the mosquito, have talked of buying one of their own.

Is there a big teenager-loitering problem in England? Roaming gangs of loitering youths bent on taking up space on sidewalks. Another epidemic?

"The noise can normally only be heard by those between 12 and 22 and it makes the listener feel uncomfortable," she added. Once in their early 20s, people lose their capacity to hear sounds at such a high pitch.

Especially when people are shooting high pitch squeals into their ears on a daily basis.
You know, teenagers feel isolated enough as it is, there is really no need to further the perception. They got their hormones going crazy, they're growing hair in places they didn't have hair before, they're getting funny feelings when someone of the opposite sex walks by, (or the same sex for those of them that, you know, play for the pink team) and now people are blowing dog whistles at them.
When you're a teenager you need guidance and love and help. Not anti-loitering systems directed at you personally. It takes the whole village to fuck up a child.


Blogger f.b.i.t.c. said...

You can have the bastards then, by that age they're already fucked up and have no respect. Unfortunately it stems from their upbringing - you should see some of the kids my wife, sister and mother work with - then take a look at their parents (or parent). 6 kids, all with different fathers, no job, social benefits up the chuffer and a real feeling that the world owes them a living. Jesus, they grip my shit. And Chav brats, well they're a whole new ball game. . . .

February 16, 2006 12:52 AM  

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